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Reasons why someone should be a Seattle Seahawks fan

The football season is here, American favorite professional football teams have officially begun training camps, and before long, preseason games will kick off. So I have compiled top reasons why everybody should be a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan.

They are simply a sensational phenomenon

Do you ever watch a Seattle Seahawks diversion and say, "How on the planet did that simply happen?" Last year in the NFC Championship the Seattle Seahawks hauled a rabbit out of their cap when they returned from a 17-point shortage with seven minutes left in the final quarter. A recouping onside kick and an irregular hurl to the end zone from Russell Wilson to Luke Wilson were key minutes in one of the best rebounds in NFL history.

The Seattle Seahawks Bluster

What's superior than a team’s bravado? A team that knows they are the best and let you know they are the IT team. They are consistent in every touch down, each and every public interview. The brash disposition and appealing attitude of the Seattle Seahawks is simply a reason for you to be a die fan. Richard Sherman had fans and opponents like hopping out of their seats after the 2013 NFC Championship with his signatory statement," "Well, I'm the best corner in the diversion..." after his game winning deflection and went ahead to say..."When you attempt me with a heartbroken beneficiary like Crabtree, that is the outcome you're going to get."

They are outwardly intensive

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The renowned hard hitting, head splitting Legion of boom and squad lights up receivers in a way unseen before. A beautiful physical sight to behold if you love the action. In case you're a recipient and you're going through the center of the field, you better watch out for the Legion of Boom. Bam Kam is coming to thump you right out of your spikes. As he once said, "When you're running at me like that, and I'm running at you like that, it will be a dreadful scene." It's not simply Kam and whatever is left of the LOB either that will hit hard—even players on the offense will get a hit or two in there. Does anybody recall Golden Tate putting Sean Lee on his back to offer Russell Wilson some assistance with getting a first down in 2012?

The team players

Is there any other individual in the class like the Seattle Seahawks? Let me just review but a few.

They love us fans.

Seattle Seahawks are enthusiastic about football and their fans alike, and previous players know this. Sydney Rice opened up an eatery in Seattle and works for the group, despite the fact that he just played around 33% of his profession in Seattle. the Seattle Seahawks know reality and they make due. They need us to be boisterous; they attempt to pump the group up at all times, and they're even out there moving on the field with us, getting built up. The second 50% of them grasping us is that they stay here.

They are unusual

We all can accept we are in the age of Fantasy Football and The Seattle Seahawks Unorthodox win style is totally of divergent fashion. I mean we got teams throwing it thirty and over times, an amusement the Seattle Seahawks win is of an alternate style. The Seattle Seahawks just go around 25 times. They utilize read-choice plays and let somewhat 5'10 quarterback run all around the field until he discovers some person open or chooses to run it himself. They don't attempt to change the players into something they're not; they'll use their qualities. They'll get huge physical corners and put them all things considered, they'll let Russell Wilson circle and utilize his skilled legs as a weapon, and they'll take two safeguards that are finished contrary energies and put them right where should be on the field. They do it the Seattle Seahawks way.